I am a freelance consultant helping organizations gain influence and drive engagement with innovative reports, web- and mobile-first publications, data visualization, smart analytics, and clear language.

Before freelancing, I was the Director of Digital Communications at the Center for Global Development, a think tank in Washington DC.

When I’m not resolving dependency chaos in my web-dev environment, I may be out on my bike, working on a sculpture (check them out at www.johnsosterman.com), or cooking / doing dishes.

John Osterman


  • JavaScript (plain-vanilla, D3, JQuery, Backbone, Angular, Chart.js, Highcharts.js), HTML, CSS, and PHP
  • communications strategy, messaging, identifying targets, and setting SMART goals
  • writing, substantive editing, and copy editing (Chicago Manual of Style)
  • publication production and design
  • project management, with proficiency in Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and other tools

I’m most familar with Drupal and WordPress content management systems.

My resume: PDF.

I’m on GitHub at github.com/ostermanj

Consulting the Chicago Manual of Style
Consulting the Chicago Manual of Style