This app consists of a custom Drupal 7 module topped with an AngularJS single-page app for publishing multichapter reports. The Drupal module accomplishes two basic things:

  • it makes sure the report is embedded in the normal Drupal theme of the website, with site-wide navigation present
  • it passes data to the front end for the Angular app to use


Because the existing Drupal theme was designed for description pages that summarize the publication and link to its PDF, it was unable to meet the needs of digital-first publishing. This app allows content editors to create a complete multichapter publication using the CMS they’re used to, presents that report as a rich, interactive experience for users, and allows editors to spin-off a print-ready PDF from the digital content.


Striking visuals
First page of publication

Intuitive navigation
Online contents of publication

Easy to share
Highlight text to share on social media

Responsive design
Publication rendered on smartphone

Print-ready straight from HTML
Print first page


I built this application for the Center for Global Development, but it could be adapted for any organization running a Drupal 7 website. Drupal 8 would take a little more work. It could be built on top of other CMSs with the same technique.