Updated October 5, 2017

The Housing Insights tool is now launched, at http://housinginsights.org/tool.

Original post (February 16, 2017)

Housing Insights is a Code for DC project to help the city government and affordable-housing analysts and advocates better prioritize their efforts and budget expenditure on preserving the existing stock of affordable housing. Like many cities, Washington is facing ever-rising rents that are forcing many long-time residents to flee the city for more affordable areas.

Safeguarding affordable housing is a multifaceted effort. This project is focused on properties throughout the city that participate in any number of subsidy or concession programs that encourage property owners to provide affordable units. These properties’ private owners contract with the city to provide the affordable units, and when the contracts are up for renewal, they may choose to discontinue their participation.

The aim of the Housing Insights project is to bring disparate sources of data into one place and to begin to analyze which properties or type of properties are most at risk of dropping out of affordable-housing programs. With that data and analysis, decision-makers and advocates should be able to be more proactive in their efforts to keep DC affordable for more of its residents.

To learn more about the project, check out the Housing Insights website. The project is in late beginning stages, gathering info from users and working on prototypes and getting data. I’m on the JavaScript/D3 team, which is getting the code and structures in place for later stages. We meet one to two times a week in person and are available on GitHub.